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An unprotected standard air-brick could allow over 5,000 litres of water per hour to enter your property.

Stop water ingress via ordinary air-bricks with automatic passive solutions.


Flood Angel Anti-flood Airbrick

Available in 5 standard colours, the Flood Angel Anti-flood Airbrick is the world's first BSI Kitemark certified airbrick to protect against flooding. (PAS 1188-1:2014)

It is the most efficient and effective airbrick replacement on the market. Its superior design is passive and it is self-activated by only one moving part. Designed to replace a standard airbrick it allows air to freely pass through complying with BS493:1995, but under flood conditions its self-activating gate will automatically shut off.

A removable integral mesh prevents the ingress of insects and debris which may otherwise impinge on the moving part. This unique mesh is imperative to the efficient functioning of the airbrick.

  • Fully compliant with the Code for Sustainable Homes
  • Suitable for use in listed buildings
  • Can be retro fitted or used in new build construction
  • Made from recycled polypropylene
  • Standard colours to match exterior brickwork: terracotta, engineering blue, black, white, buff
  • 2 year manufacturer's guarantee
Anti-flood Airbrick

Flood Angel Anti-flood Airbrick Cover

The Flood Angel Anti-flood Airbrick Cover is BSI Kitemark certified (PAS 1188-1:2014).

Easy to deploy and compact to store, it is produced from aluminium sheet and closed cell EPDM foam, taking only minutes to install. They are simply pushed into pre-placed fittings in the holes of the airbrick and once in place, the screws are twisted to form a tight seal.

Once flood waters subside the cover is removed by simply turning the hand wheels.

Can only be used with standard terracotta airbricks.

  • Cost effective solution to stop ingress of water
  • Takes minutes to install after first application
  • Available in single and double sizes
  • 2 year manufacturer's guarantee
  • Available in standard terracotta; other colours available upon request
  • The anti-flood air-brick cover can also be made in bespoke sizes: please call our advice line

Without the protection of a Flood Angel Anti-flood Air-brick Cover, a regular air-brick will allow over 5000 litres of water per hour to enter a property.

Anti-flood Airbrick Cover